Pakistan Defence Day – 6thSeptember (1965)

Pakistan Defence Day 6th September: Pakistan Defence Day is commended on 6th September normally in Pakistan. It’s praised on the memory of martyred individuals who gave the punishment of their life for the resistance of the nation. Pak – India War II was battled in 1965. This was finished on 6th September & both nations quit harming each other by utilizing weapons and so on 6th September. Pakistan Defense Day of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This war influenced financially both nations however none of them could truly overwhelm. Defense Day is commended on 6th September. As Pakistan stayed provide.

Pakistan Defence Day


  • Punjab Regiment
  • Age:38
  • Date of Martyrdom: July 27, 1948
  • He received 1st Nishan-e-Haider of 1965 War


Captain Muhammad Sarwar was conceived in town Singhori (Rawalpindi) in 1910 & joined the British Army in 1944. Endless supply of Pakistan he joined Pakistan Army. In July 1948 with the war in Kashmir with India. Captain Sarwar dispatched an assault bringing about substantial losses! against a firmly braced for the position in the Uri Sector under overwhelming automatic rifle, explosive and mortar shoot. On 27th July 1948! he volunteered to cut the adversary’s spiked metal – interruption to clear path for the push ahead of his following friends. Be that as it may – at the same time he got an immediate burst of the foe’s useful thump to search discharge & hold Shahadat at the spot.

  • Punjab Regiment
  • Age:37
  • Date of Martyrdom: September 10, 1965
  • He received 3rd Nishan-e-Haider of 1965 War

Pakistan Defence Day

Significant Raja Aziz Bhatti was conceived in 1928 in Hong Kong and joined the first PMA Long Course. He was an exceptionally well-perused officer. While having gone out with the pined for Sword of Honor. During the 1965 Indo-Pak war! he was summoning an organization when all is said in done region Burki of the Lahore Sector. Major Bhatti’s safeguards on the well known BRB (Banmban Wali Ravian Bedian) & tank discharge for five days and evenings. Be that as it may – Major Bhatti and his men stood like a stone. With a specific end goal to have a reasonable perspective of the attacking rival. Major Bhatti would regularly leave his shelter & stand clear of the waterway bank. On 10 September 1965. While he was coordinating the gunnery discharge, he was hit by an adversary tank shell.

  • Punjab Regiment
  • Age:44
  • Date of Martyrdom: August 7, 1958
  • He received 2nd Nishan-e-Haider of 1965 War

Major Tufail Muhammad was conceived in 1914. Endless supply of Pakistan, he joined the Pakistan Army. During 1958, with fringe clashes with India in recent East Pakistan. Major Tufail Muhammad was directing an organization due to the East Pakistan Rifles close to the town of Lakshmipur. During the adversary activity. Major Tufail was mortally injured. However, did not quit battling even around other people. In the hand-to-hand experience that took after. Major Tufail kept on driving his troops till the Indians were driven out! leaving four dead and three detainees. Be that as it may, Major Tufail himself succumbed to his injuries & grasped Shahadat on the 17th August 1958. 7 more heroes who received Nishan-e-Haider!” Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas, Major Muhammad Akram, Major Shabbir Sharif, Sowar Muhammad Hussain, Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfooz, Captain “Karnal” Sher Khan & Naik Saif Ali Janjua”.


Since Protection Day is commended on 6th September Pakistan Defence Day constantly in Pakistan. While it’s praised on the memory of martyred individuals. Who gave a rival of their life for the resistance of the nation. Pak – India War II was battled in 1965. This was finished on 6th September & both nations quit harming each other by using weapons and so on 6th September. Defense Day of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This war influenced fiscally both nations however none of them could truly overwhelm. As Pakistan stayed spared, Defense Day due to commended on sixth September.


While Armed force officers like Captain Sarwar Shaheed, Major Tufail Shaheed, Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed, Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed, Sawar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed, Lance Naik Muhammad Mehfooz Shaheed and Havaldar Lalak Jan Shaheed gave of their life for Pakistan & were granted with “Nishan-e-Haider” for their expression of uncommon courage. While Nishan-e-Haider is a most elevated military recovery given to overcome martyrs of Pakistan armed force. The individuals who left meaningful due to the instance of bravery and penance for country and nation.


Since Armed forces of Pakistan shows their most recent rockets, tanks, weapons, armed force flying helicopters & combat hardware being used by Engineers, Electrical & Mechanical Corps, Army Air Defense, Signals, Army Service Corps & Army Medical Corps live on different places on Pakistan Defence Day. While everyone is allowed to watch such capacities live by setting off to the special spots. These shows are shown on national channels too. National melodies and extraordinary reports around 6 September 1965. Martyred individuals of 6 September are shown on TV. It is advised to individuals how individuals gave penances for the safeguard of the nation. What is the agreement of the youthful era now especially due to the youngsters who are the possible fate of Pakistan.


Safeguard Day praises the order, also polished methodology and patriotism of the Pakistan Armed Forces. It basically praises the protection of Lahore and conclusive pride over a shocking power in 1965. The change of watchman service happens at Mazar-e-Quaid, Karachi. Where the cadets of Pakistan Air Force Academy due to present Guard of Honor and take the charge.


Regarded gathering of people! We should point together. We might buckle down, exceed promises in all fields of learning & fighting. Protect our nation till death. We should make the banner of Pakistan up stand in the comity of countries. Being a Young bird of prey, our message to Pakistan and Muslim Ummah is:

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